New (Old)-in //RPG


As you might know RPG is the genre I invest most time into and gush over the most on these pages. Seeing as we are already more than a half way into December I think it’s safe to begin the pre 2015 chats and discussions as to what we will be playing next so here’s a few titles I will be looking forward to try the most next year.

1. A brand new title in the SaGa series was announced a few days ago which instantly piqued my interest mainly due to the art direction, obviously, and the fact that I remeber being once fascinated by the SaGa Frontier images while scrolling through the old classics checking on what I have missed out on over the years. The game will be playable on the PS Vita.

2. Persona 5. That one’s a given eventhough the updates and news have been rather sparse ever since it has been announced. I will gladly accept anything to be honest and I’m pretty sure so will the rest of the community. Persona has become insanely popular for many reasons. Although the first two titles suffered in the gameplay department, I have always found it painful to digest in comparison to the plot, the 3rd and the 4th game managned to balance the battle system and the story incredibly well. I see them as the ultimate RPGs for grown-ups.

3. Suikoden I and II will be coming to PSN. I have been unsure whether to include these since they are basically repackaged old classics BUT having not played them/knowing very little about/seeing as they are both generally accepted as the must-plays in the genre I am willing to purchase and see if the series is worth it.

4. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD might be the one I am the most impatient to try. It has been around for years and I have been dreaming about it since the day it came out. Next year it will finally be playable for the western audience and in HD. Persona aside, I might be an even bigger addict in this instance so this list would not be complete without a Final Fantasy title.

RPG wise what do you look forward to in 2015?

Playstation Experience/Top 5

The recent events have unveiled a solid number of titles I would be rather interested in playing the upcoming year. So here’s a few highlights.

1. First up, Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End. Yes I still do need to complete the third game before I even think of this one. Theif’s End looks even prettier and more breathtaking than before and I have always considered it a top trier adventure. Nothing too deep or complex but very enjoyable and very satisfying. I have had a whale of time playing the series eventhough Nathan’s attitude started to rub off on me after the first game and his character has essentially become a George Clooney of video gaming, you know, the kind of happy-go-lucky, carefree, playful, I-live-on-the-edge-without-care ladies man persona I do not have much time for. Still I want to see the finale or at least what I believe is going to be the end of Drake’s escapades.

2. Next, I am glad to see PS Vita library growing, especially in the RPG department. Suikoden II has just been ported to PSN and Vita so I might give it a whirl in the future especially since I have always been intrigued by the series.

3. I used to think I did not have much time or patience for Little Big Planet but the minute I saw the footage for the third game I immediately felt the urge to play so I might seriously consider buying it once it’s out.

4. Now Final Fantasy VII HD for the PS4? I don’t care what they say I will gladly play it again.

5. And finally, the newest edition of Metal Gear Online looks solid and really well-made, like the remaining games in the series. It almost pains to have to say no to it since I’m rather hopeless with competitive titles where frequent shooting is involved.