RE: My Top 20 Favourite Video Game Tracks

Since Noa @CritiqueQuest tagged us all in her Top 20 Favourite Video Game Tracks I thought I might as well make a full-fledged reply mainly because (1) I have way too many favourites to be crammed into a one sentence response and (2) I adore her channel. (and I promise you will too so please hurry up and subscribe/follow!)

Here is my top 10 + honorable mentions.

A Love Suicide [Rule of Rose] The only track we both have in common. I remember having it on repeat for weeks, and it looks like I’m in it again.

Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday [Metal Gear Solid 2] As much as I love Snake Eater I think it’s the weakest in the soundtrack department. Too much Bond oriented for my taste, I like to pretend the theme song never happened. Son’s of Liberty’s ending theme however is a different story.

God and Man [God Eater Burst] This game has been painfully underrated, the OST in general doesn’t necessarily stand out but this song is probably one of my highest rated vocal tracks. Also, it did take me a while to realize it’s Donna Burke singing.

Memories of the City [Persona 3] Choosing a favourite track from the Persona games is nearly impossible but this one fits so well with the ending events in the third game I thought I would pick it over Signs of Love which had been my most-loved for a long time.

Null Moon [Silent Hill 2] A list without a Silent Hill 2 OST would be wrong, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t really matter which track it is though since they are all equally beautiful, very sombre and dreamlike. Null Moon in particular stands out a bit more than the rest.

Pillow Stains [Deadly Premonition] The OST in this game might be hit and miss but whenever this song plays (does it actually play in the game?) it adds volumes to the atmosphere.

Temple of Drifting Sands [NieR] Even if you have not played this title you surely must have heard of the soundtrack. It’s as good as everyone says it is. There are no duds here, each and every piece is beautifully composed whether it is Ashes of Dreams, Grandma or Shadowlord.

Time’s Scar [Chrono Cross] Classic. A classic title I have yet to play (probably not going to happen), this composition however is a thing of beauty.

Salt Flats (The) [Final Fantasy VIII] Both that and Seeking Power from XII do an amazing job at fitting into the background of snowy landscapes. It’s hard to decide which one is better but I’m picking Salt Flats because let’s face it VIII is a better game.

You Were Here [ICO] Another stunning piece that deserves a mention.

* Here are the extras since clearly I could go on forever …

Distant Memories Folklore, Prologue- to the Ancient Land [Shadow of Colossus], A Deus [Grandia 2], Please love me … once more [Silent Hill 3], Empty Loneliness [Valkyria Chronicles], Agni Ratha, Imperial Capital [Xenoblade Chronicles], Coastal Thailand [Tomb Raider: Underworld]

What are your most-loved tracks?

Walking in a Winter Wonderland |the gaming edit


As you all know I value a good level design so much I am practically obsessed when it comes to that feature. Whenever I play something new, or let’s be realistic here-most of the time old, I will take a great pleasure from exploring the scenery and the backgrounds with my magpie eye leaving the mains for later or last. For this entry I originally thought of making it Christmas oriented but eventually settled for a selection of winter themed landscapes I have had the most fun investigating.

If there is anything that stands out in Eternal Sonata it has to be the Baroque City. To me this is the ultimate winter area every RPG seems to always feature. It is definitely one of the most detailed areas in the game, it almost resembles landscapes you would find in an old picture book from childhood.

A very similar one that comes to mind would be Yule from Ni no Kuni, a village covered mostly in ice rather than snow where the aurora is easy to spot. It oozes with charm but so do the remaining levels to be honest.

Final Fantasy XII might not have been the title I had fallen in love instantaneously with but when it comes to level design it had a great and plentiful amount of scenery to offer. The variety of the wilderness in particular was quite remarkable and possible one of the strongest across the series. Paramina Rift might be a lenghty section but it is a pleasure to explore not only due to its beauty but also its theme seeking power. It also serves as one of the best grinding spots in the game.

And finally the mighty mountains combined with the icy tibetan caverns in the Mountaineering section of Uncharted 2 stood out for me as one of the nicest backgrounds for puzzling and platforming.

What are your most loved winter levels?

New (Old)-in //RPG


As you might know RPG is the genre I invest most time into and gush over the most on these pages. Seeing as we are already more than a half way into December I think it’s safe to begin the pre 2015 chats and discussions as to what we will be playing next so here’s a few titles I will be looking forward to try the most next year.

1. A brand new title in the SaGa series was announced a few days ago which instantly piqued my interest mainly due to the art direction, obviously, and the fact that I remeber being once fascinated by the SaGa Frontier images while scrolling through the old classics checking on what I have missed out on over the years. The game will be playable on the PS Vita.

2. Persona 5. That one’s a given eventhough the updates and news have been rather sparse ever since it has been announced. I will gladly accept anything to be honest and I’m pretty sure so will the rest of the community. Persona has become insanely popular for many reasons. Although the first two titles suffered in the gameplay department, I have always found it painful to digest in comparison to the plot, the 3rd and the 4th game managned to balance the battle system and the story incredibly well. I see them as the ultimate RPGs for grown-ups.

3. Suikoden I and II will be coming to PSN. I have been unsure whether to include these since they are basically repackaged old classics BUT having not played them/knowing very little about/seeing as they are both generally accepted as the must-plays in the genre I am willing to purchase and see if the series is worth it.

4. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD might be the one I am the most impatient to try. It has been around for years and I have been dreaming about it since the day it came out. Next year it will finally be playable for the western audience and in HD. Persona aside, I might be an even bigger addict in this instance so this list would not be complete without a Final Fantasy title.

RPG wise what do you look forward to in 2015?

GOTY 2014?


It’s almost that time of year already, isn’t it? I think November makes it safe to begin the game of the year chats (& the christmas wishlisting). My annual picks are usually rather questionable because it is always either something that is a relaunch/remaster/remake so technically it should not count or something that was released in Europe within the timeframe but yonks before everywhere else so … should not count either.

I believe last year it was Deadly Premonition and the year before that- Catherine. This year is not any different. The title I have spent most time with and have still tons to do within the extras department is indeed the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD remaster. I don’t think I have even been this excited for a relaunch of something that I had played a crazy amount of times in the past and know by heart entirely.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

After having played it for a good couple of hours I can safely say it has been a weird experience for me. I’m enjoying the gameplay mechanics a lot although initially I was a little sceptical about not having team members. The schemata concept works really well though and in way it reminds me of the grids from X-2. That and collecting different varieties of grabs, customizing them and crafting your own sets of schematas make the battles both exhilarating and addictive.

The online features and screenshot snapping & sharing add another fun element to the game.

One major aspect I am struggling to get used to is the clock. I’m not sure if I am playing it the wrong way or not but why put a time limit in a game when you have got dozens of quests you would like to take on and a vast amount of land you would probably like to explore? I do have a hard time trying to focus on one thing and appreciate what the game offers seeing the clock ticking. I guess it does make sense in the context of the story though …

Overall, I am liking it. Currently I’m doing my best to understand how the actual making yourself stronger works, because from what I have seen it won’t be a conventional grinding.