Come on April!

Excuse the lack of updates, I feel like this page is in a serious need of a heavy makeover + I've not been playing anything major recently, just shoving my backlog under the blanket/carpet pretending it does not exist. HOWEVER, there is something that might change things a wee bit and that is ... This … Continue reading Come on April!


Is this Mass Effect for people like me? #StarOcean

At the minute my backlog is getting out of hand my favourite activity is either starting a new game I have no intention of finishing, telling myself one step at a time or browsing through old titles I might have missed out on. There usually is plenty. Just recently I reattempted to give Mass Effect … Continue reading Is this Mass Effect for people like me? #StarOcean

2014 in retrospect //@BradBraddington

2014 has come to an end. So what better way to introduce the New Year than recounting my video games experiences from the past 12 months. I feel it would be most fitting to begin with my most anticipated game from 2014, Dark Souls 2. I was a late starter with the Souls franchise, my … Continue reading 2014 in retrospect //@BradBraddington


On Henry #SilentHill

It's ok ... it's just a dream. If there's anything other than undeafeatable ghosts Silent Hill 4: The Room is receiving the most negative feedback on it is the main protagonist Henry Townshend. A soft-spoken introverted tenant who clearly does not stand out. Very little there is to know about him at the very first … Continue reading On Henry #SilentHill


Why level design is what matters

As it's been mentioned before exploring is probably my top favourite thing to do in a video game. Therefore design or style direction is crucial. It's something I could talk about for days. It's what I notice first and pay the most attention to in my titles. And that involves both the outdoor backgrounds, landscapes, … Continue reading Why level design is what matters


A Gamer Grill ft. @gunbladeproxy01@BradBraddington

This month I thought of doing something a little bit different and let the fellow gamers do the talking. Today's questionnaire's featuring @BradBraddington & @gunbladeproxy01. Prologue. What was you first memorable gaming experience? @BradBraddington My first gaming experience would be ... When I was about 6 years old my sister was baby sitting me and … Continue reading A Gamer Grill ft. @gunbladeproxy01@BradBraddington


Plot or gameplay?

I often find myself wondering if I enjoy video games for the right reasons mainly because most of the time if not always I tend to focus only on the way a game is designed, what the sound is like or who the characters are and why they are who they are. If I enjoy … Continue reading Plot or gameplay?