Life is Strange |first impressions


I have never been a fan of episodic releases. Partly because I’d rather have an instant access to a whole picture and decide on the pace of the progress myself but also because I have not found one I could get into. However, having spent a couple of hours with the first episode of Life is Strange last night I’d be willing to say I might have found the one.

As soon as I was given the control of Max, the main character, I found myself intrigued by the amount of details and strikingly charming visuals. Both add volumes to the exploration therefore I ended up happily snooping around the Blackwell Academy campus and other people’s houses and belonging finding out more about the characters, their secrets and the initial plot. At the end of episode I was heavilly engrossed by the events and the hearfelt writing.

Life is Strange has a good selection of characters, even though initially they might seem a wee bit cliché quickly you are soon to discover a lot more depth to them. Although I do not find Max relatable personally it does not make the experience less enjoyable. I still find her likeable and, as much as I dislike the word, believable.

In general, I am more than happy with the outcome; the setting, the characters and the script in particular and I look forward to see how the story unfolds.

Have you had a chance to try the title? If so, let me know what you thought in the comment section below!


One thought on “Life is Strange |first impressions

  1. I enjoyed the game. Max is a great character. It’s good that she can be relatable to so many people. I think this game and Remember Me ( Dontnod’s previous game) have great settings and plots. The good thing is that Life Is Strange doesn’t have huge flaws like Remember Me.

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