#PSP Heroes


Playstation Portable has been the system I would reach for rather frequently these past few years. Not only because it has been perfectly handy to game in bed or on the go but also due to a great number of titles I fell in love with and played regardless of the time and place. 2015 will likely be the year I upgrade to Vita (mind you, my wishlist is already quite hefty) therefore here’s a roundup of the games I found remarkable.
1. SMT: Persona 3 Portable
I always do mention it no matter the occasion or context. It still remains an all time favourite of mine (together with Silent Hill 2 & Final Fantasy VIII/X, it is tricky to choose one as they are so different). It’s a ridiculously addictive blend of an exhilarating battleplay, complex story and multidimentional characters. You will be hooked I promise, even if RPGs are not your cup of tea.
2. God Eater Burst
A treasure within the library. Challenging enemy fights, rich customisation, likable characters and a plot that does not dissapoint. Online mode makes it even better especially because the boss battles might be a bit problematic while in a single player mode. A sequel has not been announced for the West sadly.
3. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Set in between Portable Ops and Ground Zeroes timeline. Another quality title in the series with heaps of replayablility, online features work like a dream making the battles even more exciting. Don not let the ‘tiny’ screen fool you, this IS a proper entry to the saga. A must have for any MGS fan.
4. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
This one might seem a bit generic at the first glance and the first hour into the game but it did manage to grow on me. I would say it’s perfect for the jRPG newbies because it’s so well-balanced and not overly lenghty or complex. The generous dose of charm makes it stand out from the crowd.
5. Valkyria Chronicles II
A brilliant follow up to an already amazing predecessor. Gameplay is more layered this time around and an online mode adds a lot to the fun. I spent weeks working on my squad, growing fond of my team members and mastering the scores thanks to the great cast of characters. Excellent soundtrack as well as you would expect from Hitoshi Sakimoto.
What are the titles you have enjoyed playing on the PSP?

2 thoughts on “#PSP Heroes

  1. I definitely agree with you about P3P and Peace Walker. Both Dissidia games are awesome. I also enjoyed the MLB The Show games on PSP. The PSP was also a great system to play PSone classics like Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy VIII.

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