Walking in a Winter Wonderland |the gaming edit


As you all know I value a good level design so much I am practically obsessed when it comes to that feature. Whenever I play something new, or let’s be realistic here-most of the time old, I will take a great pleasure from exploring the scenery and the backgrounds with my magpie eye leaving the mains for later or last. For this entry I originally thought of making it Christmas oriented but eventually settled for a selection of winter themed landscapes I have had the most fun investigating.

If there is anything that stands out in Eternal Sonata it has to be the Baroque City. To me this is the ultimate winter area every RPG seems to always feature. It is definitely one of the most detailed areas in the game, it almost resembles landscapes you would find in an old picture book from childhood.

A very similar one that comes to mind would be Yule from Ni no Kuni, a village covered mostly in ice rather than snow where the aurora is easy to spot. It oozes with charm but so do the remaining levels to be honest.

Final Fantasy XII might not have been the title I had fallen in love instantaneously with but when it comes to level design it had a great and plentiful amount of scenery to offer. The variety of the wilderness in particular was quite remarkable and possible one of the strongest across the series. Paramina Rift might be a lenghty section but it is a pleasure to explore not only due to its beauty but also its theme seeking power. It also serves as one of the best grinding spots in the game.

And finally the mighty mountains combined with the icy tibetan caverns in the Mountaineering section of Uncharted 2 stood out for me as one of the nicest backgrounds for puzzling and platforming.

What are your most loved winter levels?


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