Drakengard 3//First impressions


You know the feeling you get when it seems like you have got nothing to play eventhough your backlog thinks otherwise but then you stumble upon something that makes you excited again? That’s Drakengard 3 for you.

The moment the previews for this title emerged I immediately knew I wanted it. There are several reasons for that. One- Taro Yoko, and his quite unique approach to storytelling, script and characters, being involved, two-one of my favourite composers Keiichi Okabe partaking, three- the fact that I loved NieR, obviously I could not have felt any different about Drakengard 3. Although I am fairly new to the series I do recall bits and pieces of the first two games and from what I remember it was not half bad.

Gameplay is nothing I have not seen before, it’s pretty basic yet fast-paced and engaging especially with different types of weapons to upgrade and acquire. Being able to switch between them in battle and mid-air fights including your dragon add an element of variety as well. Relying on your companions though, who join you later, might not be the best of ideas as it can be futile which is a shame especially because it really is a nice selection of characters. The AI on the whole is rather horrible.

Appearance-wise I know it has gathered plenty of criticism and I can understand why, but personally the quality of graphics does not bother me as the design ticks all the boxes and you know how I pretty much value a good design above everything else these days. Texture is something I barely ever focus on and I always am finding it hard to complain about because in this case I’m too busy bonding with the characters. And those in Drakengard 3 paired with the horrifyingly odd (or oddly horrifying) sense of humour are the star of the show.

Drakengard 3 is an interesting pick. It knows how to tell an intriguing story, it offers a great range of personalities with heaps of chemistry between them and an aesthetically pleasing both level and character design. If you appreciate those more then you will likely look past the earlier metioned technical and visual issues and should not be dissapointed since the title is flawless in the other departments.


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