A beautiful tale about nothing in particular #Tales of Xillia

I believe last time I spoke about this title was months ago when I was not too far into the game. I remember liking it but wishing it would have been more exciting … . Fast forward 4 months, and I have made a good chunk of progress but I swear it feels like the game is neverending. I don’t really have anything new to add but I still wanted to talk about it mainly because I feel like I should love it but I just cannot commit.

The game does almost everything right and when I try and make my mind up on what exactly it is that it’s lacking I struggle. The level design is stunning. Every town, dungeon or any other place has got its on distinctive style and feel to it. The environments, the architecture, even the smallest elements like the icons in the menu pages, are crafted with some serious dose of effort and attention to detail making exploration a dream come true. What is more, there is plenty of good reasons to replay the game since you are given countless side quests to complete, extra dungeons to explore plus two equally main protagonists what offeres two different paths you can take. The gameplay is dynamic, very dynamic in fact, the battles are frequent and the bosses especially in the later chapteres of the game are quite challenging.

For a title that is so well made and polished up in all of the above-mentioned aspects I would expect the story to be on a comparable level or just better than average. So it is rather unfortunante that this is the only element that would need some serious beefing up. Both the plot and the characters feel rather familiar and predictable, on the whole it’s just not that fascinating. I have got nothing against recycling old formulas for the most part as long as they offer something new along the way. Tales of Xillia sadly does not and for that reason it feels tedious to watch.

My point is I always expect something extra special in terms of storytelling and Tales of Xillia is painfully lacking in that department which is a shame because it’s pretty advanced and complex in the other aspects. The packaging is great but the content is not as shiny.


3 thoughts on “A beautiful tale about nothing in particular #Tales of Xillia

  1. “the level design is stunning” see, that really seems alien to me. During my playthrough I felt so damn cramped and bored of the transitional areas between towns, they lack anything definable about them most of the time. Towns were generally okay although Leronde gets a bit of a sour groan from me for being absolutely plain. Another issue I find with the game is the visuals, for a LATE game in the PS3 cycle compared to previous entries of the same generaiton, this feels sort of ugly. Have you tried the other entries this generation?

    1. I haven’t, Tales of Xillia has been my introduction to the series and frankly speaking I’m not sure if I’m still interested in the others. But yeah I genuinely thought the visuals did stand out.

      1. Ah I see, personally I think the art direction had something interesting but the game lacks polish and wonder. I compare this game to the first foot into HD for the series Tales of Vesperia, just looking at the comparison of Mystic Artes really shocked me. Vesperia has a much more vivid style and the sheer luminescence of some attacks really makes everything pop more.

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