On Henry #SilentHill

It’s ok … it’s just a dream.

If there’s anything other than undeafeatable ghosts Silent Hill 4: The Room is receiving the most negative feedback on it is the main protagonist Henry Townshend. A soft-spoken introverted tenant who clearly does not stand out. Very little there is to know about him at the very first glance, even his neighbours admit they barely notice him and have got not much to say about him either. Although it is still possible to find fractions of information about his past, current life and interests with a bit of an effort and exploration throughout the game he still remains your average boy next door.

Yes, Henry is not necessarily the most exciting and colourful character. And that is okay. But what he really has been criticised for is the fact that he is not very vocal about his emotions, feelings, thoughts etc. when facing the most gruesome scenes therefore he is not believable/relatable. Well, I beg to differ. Henry has been given a hard time because he has a tendency to freeze up and act irrationally and for the most part is pretty reserved and not very expressive. Consequently, he is frequently compared to his entire opposite, the sassy outspoken Heather and recently Murphy whose reactions to traumatic surroundings for some unexplainable reason have been set as ideal patterns. It isn’t really fair since in my eyes there is no such thing as a default, primary or a better reaction to disturbing circumstances. People respond to certain elements in many different ways and the way Henry does in fact is not that uncommon which paradoxically does make him believable.


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