A Gamer Grill ft. @gunbladeproxy01@BradBraddington

This month I thought of doing something a little bit different and let the fellow gamers do the talking. Today’s questionnaire’s featuring &.

Prologue. What was you first memorable gaming experience?

My first gaming experience would be … When I was about 6 years old my sister was baby sitting me and needed someway to entertain me so I would stop climbing the walls and generally misbeheaving. She put me in front of the SNES and put in a copy of Super Mario Bros: All Stars, I unfortunatly can’t remember which of the Mario games on the cartridge I played first but 2 and 3 definietly stick in my mind the most from that time.

Playing Asteroids on the Atari 2600 when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

Category. What would you say is your favourite genre and what titles would represent it best?

That’s a hard question, I could narrow it down to my top 3 which would be Horror, Open World, and fighting games. I would say Horror has a way to capture my attention and emotions like no other game can, I love being scared I guess. Since everyone has heard all the usual best horror games ever (Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Fatal Frame) I’ll try throw in something different. So I would have to say Forbidden Siren, also more recently Outlast and Five Nights at Freddy’s scared the shit out of me. I love Open World games such as GTA, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Sleeping Dogs etc. I guess I love that feeling of a game environment existing independently around you and you can behave as you see fit in that world. As for fighting games, I love competition and nothing is better than knocking some heads together on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

A few years ago I would probably have said RPG but I would now say Fighting games like DOA5U, Tekken Tag 2 and Persona 4 Arena. I’m not extremely good at them but I have fun with them. I have a lot of fighting games. Most of them on my PS3.

Ingredient. What are your favourite aspects of a game & why?

It depends on what type of a game it is. A good story and interesting characters are a must have feature for an RPG. You need to be hooked by them to put a ton of hours into an RPG. Fighting games also need interesting characters but they also need cool gameplay and environments. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has all three of those aspects. Sports games need to be as authentic to the sport that they are based on. Racing games need well designed courses and good racing controls for me to get interested in them.

Again I find this hard to pick one single answer. I love artistic design or vision in my games, Silent Hill 1/2/3/4 all had incredible design both in their level and their characters. The developers had a vision and they clearly worked hard to potray it properly and create a terryfying experience for gamers. An example of this would be Final Fantasy X. Tidus and his merry group are all intricatly and fantastically designed just as much if not more than the world that they explore. I guess that level of detail and creativity makes them seem almost…alive and you are part of their world as you play along. They take you somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s similar to Edgar Alan Poe, when you read his literature he was able to make the reader visualize his characters and their world on such on an intricate level that you felt you were really there. Artistic design can also extend to audio elements of games. Niers soundtrack for example is to die for and is simply incredible. I must admit that I have a wee bit of a bias towards the good ol’ piano.

Persona. Can you think of a video game character that resembles you personality wise? Who would you say you admire as a person in a game?

I can’t think of one of the top of my head but Aya Brea from the Parasite Eve games and Solid Snake from the MGS games are a couple of characters that I admire.

Which character do I relate myself to? That would be Tidus from FFX. Not to toot my own horn but I felt like he’s always positive, always moving forward, very protective other those he cared about. Plus some other aspects of his personality, like quirks you see throughout FFX would fit with mine, plus the annoying voice all the time lol. Who do I admire most as a character? Easily gotta be The Boss from MGS3, she sacrificed herself for her country knowing she would forever be known as a traitor, she gave everything for her country and more. I can feel the tears coming. Also Raiden for being the sexiest man in video games.

Treasure. What would you say are games that are not getting enough recognition for their quality?

 It always sucks to see certain games not earn the recognition and/or sales that they deserve. A recent example being Swery’s D4 on X1. I’ve been hearing that despite fantastic reception from gamers and media, it’s selling horribly. As for games I’ve actually played I would say Valkyria Chronicles and its sequels. Although the games are hard as frozen nails they managed realise a beautiful game world/characters, and incredible turn based gameplay. Unfortunatly the game sold next to nothing and we’ve never seen the third title released outside of Japan.

Tetris. It’s a simple yet addicting game that you don’t hear about a lot. Games like Bejeweled and other match 3 type of games are popular now . The Parasite Eve games are also games that are not getting enough recognition for their quality. You know that I could go on and on about the PE games but I will most likely do that on my gaming blog eventually.

 I’ve got a couple of others that I thought didn’t get the respect they deserved, such as Nier which I harp on about a lot! Incredible, incredible game that it’s a peak representation of artistic design in chracter development, story and of course the jaw dropping soundtrack. Resistance 3 sales more or less killed the franchise which also upset me. Resitance 1 had an incredible multiplayer experience but was hampered by a lackluster single player. Resistance 2 was very forgetable all-around but Resitance 3 was simply incredible on all fronts, a fantastic campaign was backed by a fairly good online experience. The most over-looked game ever has to be Clive Barkers Jericho, wow that game was awful in so many ways but I absolutely LOVED it and it makes me sad even talking about it now knowing that there is a 99.9% chance we will never see a successor, even worse considering that cliff-hanger ending.

Hype. Can you think of any games that rightfully deserve all the popularity they have been receiving?

Games like Persona 4 and Grand Theft Auto V are a couple of games that deserve the hype they are getting. Both are amazing . The Metal Gear Solid series also deserves all of the hype they get when a new game is announced.

 I can’t recall a single game ever living up to its hype it seems like an impossible goal to accomplish but in part this is largely due to how wild people expectations become. Destiny, GTAV those sort of things never quite lived up to the hype but people still bought and enjoyed those games. It’s hard to say if a game deserves its hype or not but there is no denying that it’s a big part of making a game nowadays. Hype works and Destiny and GTAV sales prove that.

Pet peeves. All the little things that irritate you, now’s your time to vent.

Time Limits in games…ever, in any circumstance. Unskippable cutscenes, people replay games sometimes ya know? Lack of maps or general direction. Multiplayer trophies, uttetly pointless. When you have cables going all over the place for your consoles (more so an old problem). Putting games in the wrong case, “it’s just a game”.

Campers in First Person Shooters is the most recent pet peeve that I have. What’s the point of just standing there and waiting for a kill??? It makes no freaking sense! The developers spend a lot of time making the maps for the game but campers will only see that little corner that they decided to hide in. Another pet peeve of mine is bad checkpointing in games. Grand Theft Auto IV was definitely guilty of that. It got so bad that I gave up on the game and deleted it off my 360. The good news is that GTA V doesn’t suffer from this problem. Another pet peeve related to GTA is annoying “Dudebro” characters. GTA IV had a character named Brucie who always acted like a douchebag. He was another reason I gave up on GTA IV. Yesterday I encountered a similar character in GTA V named Dom. That character almost ruined an enjoyable mission for me. Luckily, I can just avoid any future missions featuring Dom. He is not a big part of the main story like Brucie was in GTA IV. The final pet peeve I will mention is unskippable cutscenes. They can get really annoying in parts of a game that you keep dying in.

Online. How often do you play online? Do you have any great online experiences to share?

I play online games a lot. I mostly play fighting and FPS games online. A few great online experiences that I can think off the top of my head right now are great matches of DOA5 and Tekken Tag 2 with you and Brad.

I play about the same amount online as I do offline. Games I have loved in the past or currently recommend would include Team Fortress 2, Dark/Demons Souls, any of the Tekken games and I’ve always enjoyed dabbling in the old Civilization V game.

The Current. What are your recent favourites & a GOTY as of now.

My current faves are GTA V on PS3, Rouge Legacy on PS3 and Vita, and Far Cry 3 on 360. Rouge Legacy is also my GOTY as of now. It’s addicting and fun. The gameplay fits perfectly on the Vita. It’s great if you just want to play a quick game of something.

GOTY as of now- Dark Souls 2 and I’m currently in love with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Team Fortress 2.

Epilogue. What do you look forward to the most in the year 2015?

EASILY MGSV, I truly cannot wait for that one. I NEED a next-gen console for that. It’s going to be GOTY 2015 no doubt about it.

I am looking forward to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on the PS4. It is good that Tecmo Koei is putting DOA5 on the current gen consoles. I will definitely play a lot of that as Mila, Phase 4, or Hitomi. I am also looking forward to Persona 5, Bloodbourne, MLB 15 The Show, Tekken 7, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and any others that I can’t think of right now.



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