Plot or gameplay?

I often find myself wondering if I enjoy video games for the right reasons mainly because most of the time if not always I tend to focus only on the way a game is designed, what the sound is like or who the characters are and why they are who they are. If I enjoy the plot I will gladly accept lengthy cutscenes and a ‘barely there’ gameplay. If the plot is lacking I’m never fully satisfied unless it’s a fighting game. Silent Hill 2, which is generally considered an iconic game, has been praised for its distincive horror, plot and atmosphere but criticised especially recently for its simplistic, archaic and not the most exciting gameplay. And I agree.The gameplay IS not very complex but I’ve never had any complaints since to me it feels almost like a transparent part of a bigger picture that I would never notice or think much of. So I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a flaw since it is …good enough … [for a game that is powerfull in other aspects].


One thought on “Plot or gameplay?

  1. I can enjoy games with lots of plot and games that have no plot. Interesting gameplay can make up for a lame or nonexsisting plot. Tetris has no plot but it’s a game that I can get hooked on. This is a interesting topic.

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