Tales of Xillia & Silent Hill:Downpour impressions

Tales of Xillia

This one has been my introduction to the ‘tales of’ series for a few weeks now. I haven’t really felt head over heels with it eventhough I believe I’m well over half way into it and there’s plenty of outstanding aspects of the game. Combat and interface/design are probably my favourite features. The first is fairly fast-paced and multidimentional, the latter is beautifully crafted. Consequently, both make the battling and exploring highly exciting. I would be entirely happy with the title if it wasn’t for the in my opinion mediocre storyline and characters. Both are interesting just enough to keep me focused although the abundance of dialogues between the protagonist and the companions can sometimes be tiring. All things considered, it might not be entirely fullfilling but it is a solid and enjoyable title.

Silent Hill: Downpour

I was avoiding playing it for a long time mainly because I had seen plenty of footage and had a general idea of what the story and characters are like and frankly speaking was not really interested. So I did not really see the point of playing it myself until I had no other option but to press start. In short the game has got a decent beginning and an end but the main body is pretty lackluster. The characters, the setting and mainly the horror feel very flat and uninspired which for a Silent Hill game is pretty bad. I do not mind the monster design that much but the inventory is frustrating. Healing yourself while being chased or in battle is a pain, map could have been more accessible and I lost count on how many times I accidentally launched my weapons in the air. Sadly, it might actually be my least liked entry to the series.


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