The notes. #August

That’s no moon. It’s a #supermoon! Tomorrow’s full moon: 14% closer to Earth & 30% brighter

ā€” NASA (@NASA) August 9, 2014

Looking forward to that. Sadly there’s not been any major gaming this month … yet. As usual my inability to stick to one title at a time is here to blame. My blacklog has gotten bigger than ever and I’m seriously frightened for once so as usual I’ve been ignoring it and grinding on the good ol’ favourites (Final Fantasy X-2) on the side feeling guilty.


One thought on “The notes. #August

  1. It’s ok. I also play a lot of games at once. It usually happens for me when Sony and Microsoft update their games for Playstation Plus/Games for Gold. There are sometimes when I will just download the free games but don’t start them up. I have a couple of games on both my PS3 and 360 like that, I wouldn’t feel guilty about it. I am sure that those games in your backlog will eventually get played.

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