The Next New-in #rpgmenu

It seems like I’m awfully late to the party but I never knew the sequel to one of my favourite PSP releases is out and has been for a while. The good: it is out for both PSP & PS3 & possibly PC in the future. The bad: The likelihood of me ever experiencing it is low, unless it magically shows up its face outside of Japan.

Image Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (1), I still have hope …

Persona 5 (2) is scheduled for winter this year for Japan and the next year for the rest of the world. It had been teased and speculated plenty of time before the actual announcement without any valid or existing proof. We have finally got now a teaser and we can safely say that the game IS in development.

Aside from that the most obvious title I will be shortly ( or eventually in a far distant future depending on Square’s intentions) gushing over and with no end would be Final Fantasy XV (3). That one is scheduled for PS4 as of now and as long as it does not go in the direction Lightning Returns headed in (very little to no traditional RPG style, time limits) I will be happily anticipating it.

And finally, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (4), the title that made this year E3 exciting announcement wise for a couple of seconds, I would have to say is a reason enough for me to get excited for a PS4 rpg library.


2 thoughts on “The Next New-in #rpgmenu

  1. I never played the first Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky but it did look nice from what I have seen of it. I might have to download it for my Vita eventually. I agree with that both Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV are 2 games that RPG fans should get excited about. I am also looking forward to Tales of Xillia 2 for the PS3. I’m still in the process of playing through the first game but I’m really enjoying it. Tales of Xillia 2 and Persona 5 are 2 good reasons to keep the PS3 plugged in. Good games are still coming to that great console.

    1. I think Trails in the Sky would be perfect for people trying to get into the genre, it’s got all the ‘good ol rpg’ elements but feels fresh at the same time. Yeah I’ve been considering getting Tales of Xilia for a long time cause I like the Xilia 2 look.

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